Hiring Alumni

The Wharton School is proud to be recognized around the world for accomplished alumni, who are often targeted by hiring managers and top recruiters for their analytical and strategic knowledge, innovative problem-solving skills, and inspirational leadership experience across all industries, functions, and locations.

Hire Wharton Alumni

  • Post job listings for experienced hires on CareerPath — our free online recruiting system
  • Access our fully searchable Alumni Resume Book
  • Leverage the Wharton Alumni Clubs by cross-marketing your position to potential candidates
  • Is your organization seeking board members? Please email mbacareers@wharton.upenn.edu with the following details:
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    • Name of organization seeking board members
    • Preferred industry experience (e.g. finance, health care, etc.)
    • Preferred functional experience (e.g. brand marketing, business development, operations, etc.)
    • Location preference
    • Please share any other critical hiring elements that you are considering with this position (e.g. title/job level, years of experience, etc.)