Hiring Summer Interns

In the summer between their first and second years of the MBA program, almost all Wharton students pursue an internship, which allows them to add value to organizations and provides opportunities for employers to get to know potential full-time employees.

Internships are typically structured around a specific project with a 10-12 week time frame, and internship compensation is typically based on an annualized salary and may also include performance and/or sign-on bonuses. You will find more details in the Guide to Hiring an MBA Intern.

How Wharton MBA Interns Will Contribute to Your Organization

Wharton interns are highly motivated to bring value to your company during their internship and to demonstrate their potential as future employees. Here are some recent examples of Wharton intern projects in different industries and functions:


  • Reviewed internal capital spending projects to evaluate financial spend and determine FY20 resource allocation
  • Focused on improving inventory productivity and client acquisition through cross-category merchandising
  • Analyzed historical R&D and spend, recommending new cost-coding practices to better capture trends
  • Evaluated public-to-private leveraged buyout of $3B financial institution in conjunction with strategic partner


  • Performed user segmentation and built data-based customer personas through model-based clustering with demographic and behavioral variables
  • Analyzed product assortment to develop merchandising strategy for new eCommerce platform
  • Evaluated prospective store locations by performing regression analysis of demographic data and creating statistical model
  • Designed Excel optimization tool for quarterly talent planning to increase executive gender diversity


  • Developed and presented pre-launch marketing plan based on STP (segmentation, targeting, and positioning), customer value proposition, purchase funnel, and competitive analysis
  • Designed and executed surveys and focus groups to develop strategies for increasing recruitment of both millennial and mass market clients
  • Established a new model to consolidate annual sales budgets and forecasts of multiple departments to increase efficiency and accuracy of adjustments to marketing spend, shipment plans and retail sales goals

Business Development:

  • Built models, conducted market research, prepared and delivered customer presentations
  • Performed internal consulting for company portfolio of over 30 brands, with particular attention to competitive analysis, growth plans, and repositioning steps
  • Completed analysis of equity investments in health, education, tourism, retail and property sectors. Produced database of investment entry multiples to analyze prior investments and uncover trends in investment decisions
  • Projected a two-year economic outlook of a new company business line that will be used as a model for senior management business line decisions throughout the next year

Product Management:

  • Conducted A/B tests on third party vendors and selected tech partner for new product development
  • Created list of product requirements through customer interviews and market research; worked with outsourced design firm on updating the user interface
  • Scoped, designed and managed initial implementation of an internal tools suite, the goal of which is to deliver a 60% improvement in the cost effectiveness of our programs by streamlining operational workflows and allowing improved campaign designs