Startups/Entrepreneurship and Fintech

Entrepreneurship is a strong interest for many Wharton MBAs, some of whom are eager to join a startup while others are ready to begin the journey of starting their own business. Startups across industries, sizes, and stages are hiring Wharton MBAs because they bring a “get it done” capability and a strong mix of functional expertise and interpersonal skills that can have an immediate impact on growing companies. Students have accepted summer internships and/or full-time jobs at companies such as Nature’s Fynd, Payjoy, Hummingbird, Sunny Day Fun, Verdox, Form Energy, and many more.

FinTech is a sector that’s been of continuous and increasing interest among Wharton MBA students, and many have brought their in-depth understanding of the various FinTech sub-sectors to companies such as Robinhood, Stripe, Square, Chime, PayPal, and Creditas to name a few.

Host a Career Trek

Invite a small group of students to your location to share your company’s story and to network. Our students have met with startups and VCs in Silicon Valley, New York, and other cities, including Impossible Foods, Notion, Verkada, and Ladder.

Hire a Summer Intern

Bringing an intern on board for 8-12 weeks in the summer is a great way to get impactful work done and assess students for future employment at your startup. You don’t need to have a formal internship program or much structured onboarding to provide a successful experience. Students come with experience, ideas, and opinions and can ramp up quickly. MBA Career Management can help you identify interns for marketing, business development, analytics, product management, finance, or operations, for example.

Meet Students in Philadelphia or San Francisco

At our campuses in Philadelphia or San Francisco, you can meet students through coffee chats or an informal lunch discussion, host an information session, or participate in a club event to build your brand. The Semester in San Francisco Program runs each fall semester from September to December during which 70 Wharton MBAs study and work in the Bay Area. We are eager to work with you in a format that fits your timing and culture for interacting with students.

Get on Our Contact List

We send our contacts updates a few times a year on entrepreneurship trends at Wharton and ways to connect with our MBA students. Contact us to provide your name and email.

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