How to Post a Job

Posting a full-time job, internship, or short-term project on CareerPath is a great way to create awareness about the opportunities at your company and build your brand on campus.

In order for students and alumni to best understand your company, roles and job requirements, it is important to include:

Company Description

  • Your company culture, mission and values
  • Your value proposition for potential MBA candidates
  • Differentiating factors from your competitors

Job Description

  • Include job responsibilities
  • State to whom this position reports and if they will collaborate with other teams
  • Provide examples of day-to-day tasks for this role or past projects

Job Requirements

  • The specific types of the skills and experience you are seeking in a candidate
  • Years of work experience required
  • The type of degree required or encourage to apply (i.e. MBA, JD/MBA, MD/MBA, MPP/MBA, etc.)

Please note: while every job posting should include this information, postings can differ significantly in tone and content, depending on your organization’s culture and approach.

Sample Job Descriptions