Private Equity/Venture Capital

Private Equity is one of the top career choices of students entering Wharton. Approximately over 10% of current Wharton students have prior experience in private equity or venture capital, often combined with prior experience in investment banking. Our office hosts workshops on the networking process, interview preparation, offer management, and more.

Meet the Private Equity/Venture Capital Club

This student club is the largest on campus, with over 800 members and dedicated officers for special interest areas. The Club is a valuable resource for networking and marketing your presence on campus.

Host Career Treks

Each year our students organize corporate visits to New York City, the West Coast, London, Asia, and other locations where they hope to pursue private equity and venture capital careers. Treks are a great opportunity to share your story and network.

Join the Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

Wharton alumni who are members of your organization are encouraged to join this 2500+ alumni network that offers student mentoring – and an excellent opportunity to get to know potential future employees. Find out more information about the alumni club here:

Wharton MBA Career Management Key Contacts

Relationship Manager
Courtney Johnson

Career Advisor
Todd Carson


Wharton Private Equity/Venture Capital Club Co-Presidents 2022-23

Darrell Hanks

Faye Teng

Rainbow Yeung